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                Wood Glue import data analysis of USA Market in December

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                据E8T数据中心(www.e8t.com)统计,前年12月,北美木胶 产品进口量累︾计达1323403千克,其中出口木ξ 胶产品到北美的供应商有37家,北美采∴购木胶产品的采购商有34家。
                北美木胶采购量最大的为OCEAN LUMBER CORP,共采购198500千克;采购量紧随其后的就算是再特別是DOLLAR GENERAL CORP,共采购176890千克。


                According to the statistics of E8T Data Center (www.e8t.com), the total import volume of North America of Wood Glue product in 12 2014 accumulated 1323403 KG with exporting suppliers 37 and North American purchasers 34.

                1、Places of Origin of North America importing Wood Glue

                Places of Origin of North America importing Wood Glue (TOP 5):

                Place of Origin Weights(kg) Market Shares
                NINGBO 263924 19.9%
                SHANGHAI 204969 15.5%
                ITAPOA (SANTA CAT 198500 15.0%
                NAVEGANTES (SANTA 115203 8.7%
                QINGDAO 78000 5.9%
                Other 462807 35%
                Total 1323403 100%

                A chart as well as brief analysis can be obtained from above data as follows:

                1.1 As per Weights, TOP 5 Places of Origin as follow:


                Wood Glue product is mainly imported from NINGBO,SHANGHAI and ITAPOA (SANTA CAT followed by,At least compared to imports in NAVEGANTES (SANTA and QINGDAO.

                1.2 As per Market Shares, TOP 5 Places of Origin as follow:


                NINGBO,SHANGHAI,ITAPOA (SANTA CAT,NAVEGANTES (SANTA,QINGDAO, are 5 main places of origin of importing Wood Glue product in North America, accounting for a proportion of 65% of the total market shares.

                2、TOP 5 Purchasers in North America

                The following charts show importing of Wood Glue product of North America in 12 2014 and its TOP 5 Purchasers based on the calculation of Weights.

                Purchaser Weights(kg) Market Shares
                OCEAN LUMBER CORP 198500 15.0%
                DOLLAR GENERAL CORP 176890 13.4%
                N/A 107044 8.1%
                MICHAELS STORES PROCUREMENT CO INC 76894 5.8%
                Other 667239 50.4%
                Total 1323403 100%

                2.1 As per Weights, TOP 5 Purchasers as follow:


                The largest purchaser is OCEAN LUMBER CORP of total volume 198500 kg; followed by DOLLAR GENERAL CORP of 176890 kg.

                2.2 As per Market Shares, TOP 5 Purchasers as follow:


                OCEAN LUMBER CORP,DOLLAR GENERAL CORP,N/A,MICHAELS STORES PROCUREMENT COMPANY,MICHAELS STORES PROCUREMENT CO INC, are 5main purchasers of importing Wood Glue product, accounting for a proportion of 49.6% of the total market shares.

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